Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

So, we decided at the last minute to design some costumes and we were pleased with the result. We have finally succeeded in doing a matching costume theme, and I think it looks pretty good. I went all the way for my costume, even going so far as to shave my head for the authentic old man look. Male pattern baldness never looked so good!
I was actually undecided as to whether or not I really wanted to shave my head, knowing that after Halloween evening I would have to take it all off and deal with the results for weeks until my hair would grow back in. Kayla gave me the final push needed by saying that I really should do it, and let me tell you what, I love it! I like the breeziness and how my head feels cooler. I have always complained about it being too hot everywhere I go, but that's not a problem now! It was kind of funny though that Kayla didn't really want to hold my hand in public while I was in costume. I guess I was too convincing an old man!
Kayla's brother, Ryley, and his wife had their little baby boy, Logan, this past Monday. We just saw him today for the first time and he is really cute! It just makes me more excited for our little girl to come!
Anyway, long story short, things are going well. We are both succeeding, and in some cases excelling, in our classes. An example of excellence is the fact that I am first in the class in my advanced business Spanish class. First time in my college career that I have been first in my class so I'm pretty happy.

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