Saturday, October 17, 2009

Arches National Park Trip

Well, we just got back from a sweet trip to Arches National Park. We stayed at a really cool little campground called Up The Creek Campground in Moab, Utah. It was a tents only campground; they wouldn't even let you drive your car back to your campsite. Instead they provided us with wagon/wheelbarrow things to carry all our gear back. I thought that was kind of funny because I supposed they did that to make it feel more like camping and less like being in the city, but the purpose was defeated by the semi-busy road just beyond the campground and the high school just on the other side of the trees. All in all though, the hot showers and overall ambience of the campground was quite nice and we will probably go back sometime. Here is the link for the campsite website if you wanna check it out.
Well, we got out there Thursday and had to leave on Saturday in the mid-afternoon. We were afraid that we'd get bored before we had to leave, but instead we found that we didn't have nearly enough time! We went driving around the park on Thursday afternoon when we finally got out there (Moab is about a four hour drive from our house) and then went to our campsite to set everything up. The next day we got to the park early (noon) and then went on the Devil's Garden hike. This hike takes you by the longest arch in the world, Landscape Arch. You can also choose to take the extra loop along the "primitive trail". We did that thinking that it would be an extra hour or so, and three hours later we were back on the main trail. It was rough going but I tell you what, that was one cool trail! We will for sure hit that one up again when we get back out there!
That was pretty much it for Friday so we went back to the camp, showered and played a little cribbage before going to bed. On Saturday I forced us to go do the Delicate Arch hike. Seeing as the Delicate Arch has been called the symbol of Utah I thought we shouldn't pass that one up before going home. Again it took a little longer than expected, but it was well worth the trip. As soon as I figure out how to post pictures on this dang blog you'll have them!
Well, I was proud of how well Kayla hiked being something like five and a half months pregnant. We want to get out and exercise a little more to keep in shape. It can be very difficult to do with work and school and all, but fall break really helped this time!

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